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Published On 1/4/2023
The Crackerbarrel Sessions will be starting soon at the Vigo County Library. The League of Women Voters is a co-sponsor so please spread the word.

Crackerbarrel Dates:
Saturday, January 14
Saturday, February 11
Saturday, March 11
Saturday, April 8 [if legislature still in session]
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Published On 6/24/2022
League President Carolyn Callecod was contacted by the Tribune-Star for a response:

Today’s ruling of the overturn of Roe V. Wade has taken away a woman's constitutional fundamental right to make a decision in regard to her personal healthcare. This ruling will not end abortion but will cause an increase in dangerous, unsafe abortions. By taking away a woman’s right to her reproductive decisions over her body, she is no longer an equal individual in our democracy. This ruling could open the door to erosions of other Constitutional rights.

This ruling also puts into question our faith in our Supreme Court justices, who, under oath, said they would uphold Roe v Wade but did not.
The League of Women Voters calls on our federal and state elected officials to restore a woman’s right to make all her personal health care decisions. The rights taken away from women today may be the start of personal rights taken away from you tomorrow.
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